Song for Many Paths

by Sara Bouchard



The song at the center of this sound piece is an original spiritual invoking the history of American migration. Sara recorded herself performing the song alone at night while walking through various terrain - high grass, mud, gravel road, dead leaves. She then layered the recordings together, aligning them so that the many iterations of the song begin in unison and gradually drift out of sync due to variations in tempo. This piece was created at Residency 108 in Clermont, NY, and originally presented as a sound installation consisting of five speakers arranged in an arc, a single recording in each speaker.


Oh Lord, let us be blessed,
Go we to eternal rest.
Seeking the light of grace,
I have seen his face.

From our shadowy test,
Hands together pressed,
Leaving behind no trace,
I have seen his face.

Go we from this place,
From this place.




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Sara Bouchard Brooklyn, New York

I am a multi-disciplinary artist and songwriter with a strong foothold in American roots. My work explores the intersection between sound, story and environment. I perform solo and with my band Salt Parade.

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