Monday, August 30, 2010

from by Sara Bouchard



The sky was so bright that historic summer.
In the fields, crickets splashed across the hallowed grasses.
"Here I feel a feeling,
Here I feel a feeling of peace."

And then the weather watchers defy all predictions
And take a sudden turn toward chilly winds.
A wave of storms revealed on the horizon...
Fresh in their faith, the residents prepared their escape.

“It’s absolutely disgraceful” one shouted.
“How are we to exist against the other shore?
Here I feel a feeling
Here I feel a feeling of peace.”

But the village turned to a knot of construction far from shore;
Platforms of clattering machines embraced the floating frontier.
“We’re going to keep building. The facts are the facts.“

Back home, he would not waver
Even as the ill-fated fields were pushed into deeper waters.
He stayed rooted as currents creeped into once magical places.

“It’s not a question of religion -
It’s a question of faith.
This is our tradition.
Here I feel a feeling,
Here I feel a feeling of peace.”

“But listen to the captains reading headlines of household names.
It’s life and death - no apologies figure in the eyes.
It is our home that sits at the heart of this,
But rough waves in diamonds -
They do rise.”


from The News: Monday​-​Friday, released March 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Sara Bouchard Brooklyn, New York

I am a multi-disciplinary artist and songwriter with a strong foothold in American roots. My work explores the intersection between sound, story and environment. I perform solo and with my band Salt Parade.

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